Cemeteries of the South

Haunted Graveyards of the Southern States

Hollywood Cemetery hillside in Richmond, Virginia

Haunted Cemeteries of the South

Our collection of photos features famous haunted cemeteries from the southeast and other parts of the world. Ghost stories surround almost every graveyard. Learn the history of these famous tales and see the beautiful galleries on Facebook and read about the ghosts of the south. Some of our featured cemeteries are:
  • Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia
  • Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Bonaventure Cemetery and other famous graveyards in Savannah, Georgia
  • Magnolia Cemetery, The Unitarian Church and St. Phillips of Charleston, South Carolina
  • The Heguenot Cemetery, Our Lady Le Leche, Tolomato Cemetery and more in St. Augustine, Florida
  • St. Louis I, St. Louis II, St. Roch's, Lafayette and more in New Orleans, Louisiana

Haunted Graveyard Galleries

Bonaventure Cemetery headstone in Savannah, Georgia

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